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Personal work is a huge part of my life, it helps me expand and grow as a photographer and as a person. My projects are a crossover of fine art and documentary.

THE FACTORY - so last 100 years

My latest project is an fine art-documentary body of work from what is left in an old factory. Sandefjord, my home town is know as whaling-town and this factory did cleave fatty acids from whale and fish. Les mer om prosjektet på norsk her. Prisliste.


A body of work that reflects up on what`s left when people leave. The photos is taken in a typical Summer area during Winter time. The Summer is full of activities and life as we celebrate the long bright and warm Summer days. Then as there is a switch some where the tourist is suddenly gone the second weekend in August. The city settles down and only the remains of the brigther days are left. Sometimes you wonder what is left for next year and what is lost. The pictures is quite and beautiful with a feeling of solitude.  

Showed in Milan, Italy in March 2015.


A series of pictures from people of different nationalities who live in the biggest tourist place in Europe, the south of Gran-Canary. Celebrating 50 years of tourism in 2012 I portrayed those who live and work in this area from Mogan to San Augustin.


I fell in love with Antartica, the vast continent in the south that I visited in December 2013. The landscape inhabited by seals, penguins and birds is the most fascinating and beautiful place on earth. Exhibited in Sandefjord, Norway in November 2014.

Size 28,5 cm x 28,5 cm, B/W, printed on Epson Cold Press Bright Signature paper, series of 30 for each print. 

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