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A camera, the world and love!

In my DNA is travels, movement and adventure. Coded in is also creativity and the urge to help others! Being an artist I have a slightly confused mindset and my time control is a bit off! On top of that I still don`t know what I would like to do when I grow up. I guess I am like most people:)

I work as a photographer, and have done so for the last fifth-teen years. I love my job but over the years it seams like I have lost the ability to have fun and really enjoy life. Responsibility, the feeling of being stuck, and the loss of my best friend mixed up with everything that is sad, wrong and unfair in the world, got me on a very negativ mindset.

This is my journey to experience all the good things in the world. The happiness of others, the greatness of meeting new friends and different cultures, and to see the beauty of the world. I know happiness comes from within but the urge to travel has always been there. Lets give it a chance to let magic happen!

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Instagram: anetphotos

Facebook: Photographer Anet

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